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Griffin's Storm: Book Three- Water

Griffin's Storm - Darby Karchut Finishing the last book makes me sad. I really enjoyed this series.The plot of the book is awesome. Stepping into Griffin's shoes, I loved watching him go from a scared boy to a strong young man. Reading the growth of Griffin and watching him fulfill his destiny is great. Each chapter, Griffin grows stronger making mistakes along the way but becoming better. And when his past comes back to haunt him, Griffin is ready to face it.The love interest really bugged me. I wanted these two to fall even more in love with each other be all so romantic. Instead, things pulled them apart and for me the felt stagnant. They didn't really go anywhere but didn't go back either. Still, the ending did make up for it a bit.Overall, Griffin's Storm is a great ending. Griffin has been training this entire time to face what has haunt him so and he fight is with great perseverance and strength. I really admire Griffin's ability to stand up before it all. Griffin's Storm is mighty ending to an awesome series.