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Darkness Falls (Immortal Beloved Series #2)

Darkness Falls - Cate Tiernan his book picked up where the last one left off. Nas is still fighting off Reyn, ( though I have no idea why, but sheesh, I'd be all over him!). In the first book, Nas dealt with coming off of bad friends and a bad life. This time she is fighting not only her friends coming back for her, but her dealing with her bad past.I really enjoyed this plot of the book. Nas took her past painfully. She blamed herself for a lot of it. She was just carrying a lot of her shoulders. It's hard to let go of something that you have been carrying for a long time. I loved that Reyn gave her space when needed, but I felt like he should have pushed a little more. I loved that the reader gets to see Nas fall apart piece by piece. She takes blames for anything and finally flees. I felt this was necessary for her character in order for her to grow. You know what they say you must fall to the bottom in order to climb to the top? Nas falls hard. She deals with the pains of her past and at times my heart aches for her.The love interest of the book is put on hold well because of Nas. Because of her unforgiveness, Nas can't move on. I loved that Reyn gave her space. He didn't push her hard, but was there for her all the time. I felt like at times he gave her too much room. I did however, adore how much he apologized. You can tell he was truly sorry for what she went through.This is a dark and gritty book. So much death, anger, pain and betrayal of friends that it hurts at times to read it. I loved that the author created Nas's life with real pain. It's not made up junk that could never happen, but stuff that everyday people go through. For those who love a good dark book, facing a trouble past, read this.