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Last Breath (Morganville Vampires Series #11)

Last Breath - Rachel Caine This is another book I've decided to get off my tbr pile. One main reason is that i have been following this series for so long, I needed to read it.This book completely took my by surprise. Once I started this series, I was so used to problems arising in Morganville and my fave team of Claire, Michael, Eve and Shane go to the rescue. Not in this book. Oh, don't get me wrong, they go to the rescue, but there are some major turn of events going on that literally had me gasping!The plot line of the book starts off with a slow build, leading to a giant explosion. I loved it. For once, instead of danger being on just the vampires, it's become a danger to the humans too. I loved that Ms. Caine wrote such a explosive plot line that left me sad, angry then much to my surprise happy. The plot never wavered from it's intensity, instead continued to combust over and over again! I just kept freaking out with each turn of the page that I could not will myself to stop.The love interest in the book wavers some. I enjoyed the tension of both couples facing hard times yet getting through it together with love and support. The reader can feel the emotions of love and the joy of friendship they have with each other.Last Breath takes the carpet out from under you. The clear description of the narrative makes the reader feel as if they are in Morganville. The strength of the characters with a dynamic plot leaves the reader eager, racing to the end of the book. With an explosive ending, Last Breath stakes are rising high.