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Queen of the Dead (Ghost and the Goth Novels)

Queen of the Dead - Stacey Kade Ms. Kade, you have done it again! I really enjoyed this book. Everything about this book rocked. It had an bombastic plot, great characters and some great twist that had me gasping!!What I like most about this book is plot and the plot twist. Alona, had to deal with a lot of hardships and some new things going on that she had no say or control over. I think this part was written well. I really felt her anger as well as feel for her. Although, I am a little miffed at Will. I would think that by now he would have know that Alona has changed some. Yet, he still thought of her of someone who will do bad things.Both character's went through a lot of growing up. I like how the reader got to see them grow not only in their ghost helping abilities but in themselves as well. Towards the end of the book you can see the change in both of them. A lot of things were revealed in this book as well as some major changes. I am anxious to see how it will all effect the future of Alona and Will in the next book.Overall, Queen of the Dead is a great sequel! Not only did I find it humorous, but it kept me entertain till the very end. I am rooting for both Alona and Will to have a great ending with the awesome twist Ms. Kade threw in there. Written fabulously, I can't wait to read the next installment!