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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!


Awkward - Marni Bates I LOVED this book! I loved it so much that I want to squeeze the life out of it! Not only did I smile the whole way through the books but I fell in love with the writing and creation of the story. Was this a good book? Heck yes! I want to read it over and over again just to feel happy again!!So why did I fall in love? Well unlike most books out there, this story of a girl is what I thought. I thought she would let everything get to her and do something stupid. But no. The author took me by surprise by keeping her down to earth. That made me happy. I loved that Mack didn't change friends, ignore old ones and change her clothes. She knew who she was from the very beginning and didn't let fame overcome her. Instead, she embrace it with great maturity in everything that she did.The plot line of this book is so cute! It is so easy to fall under the writing spell of Ms. Bates. She creates a down to earth girl who knows where she is going into a girl who is just like any other teenager famous by a Youtube video. Let me say, that I adore the character Mackenzie. She is like every teenage senior out there. Works hard, studies hard, and is doing everything she can to get into the college of her dreams. Yes she is a teen and makes mistakes. I like that the author didn't go overboard with teenage mistakes. She made everything fit with Mackenzie.The love interest of this book is sooo good! I adored how the pieces all came together in the end. I admit that I didn't like Logan in the beginning, but with Ms. Bates giving a great point of view, I learn to like Logan. Their love isn't one created overnight, but one created on front of the readers eyes growing so much.Have you every felt invisible? I know I have.Do me a favor and read this book. You will see that you are not alone in what you feel. That there is hope and love. I especially loved the dedication in the book. It is so true. And I only wish that I had this book to read when I was in high school. It would of made things a lot easier to understand.*drinking/cursing*