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The Ghost and the Goth (Ghost and the Goth Novels)

The Ghost and the Goth - Stacey Kade After being killed in school bus accident Alona is trapped on earth with no where to go. She goes back to school looking for answers, snooping around. She notice then that none of the students are wearing the arms bands that signify her death and her former boyfriend is now hooking up with her best friend! Flustered she walkaways angry at the world and way she ended up here.Enter Will. A loner in the school who everybody ignores. As Will is walking in the school he catches Alone walking around angry and laughs at her. Big Mistake. This catches Alona's eyes and know that he can see her. Now she decides to follow him around until he agrees to help her. They end up making a deal in which Alona will take care of the other spirits in the school who try to talk to Will as well. In this process, Alona declares herself his spirit guide, helping him with whomever in stuck on the earth plane. Together Alona and Will discover a big secret that Will's friend is hiding. Will they get there in time to stop her?Super funny. I love Will. His quick wittiness and smart remarks had me laughing. Although he seem the type of kid to be trouble, when in fact he was not. I love how Will was able to harbor his dark secret. He went on for years playing the crazy cards and then he decides it is enough running for him and time to confront the issue. His mother, Julia is a strong women. I love how she stood up for her son when no one else would. When everyone wanted to just dump in the crazy house his mother was there for him, fierce and protecting her child.I like how Alona's character wasn't all it appeared to be. She may have been pretty and popular at school but at home was a different story. Just like the rest of the student body, Alona had problems at home. She just put on this facade being mean to everyone, being little miss perfect. I was glad to read that she does realize her mistakes of the way she was treating others. Alona and Will made a great team helping the other spirits. I was disappointed at the romance. I was glad that there was spark between these two, but to kiss? Come on.Stacey did a great job writing this book. It was a simple, easy read. Her characters and their feelings felt real while reading this. I loved being emotionally pulled around. The scene with Alona's mother asking for forgiveness had me in tears. It is that in which we loose something that we treasure it the most. Stacey Kade wrote a magnificent book with a plot that enchanted me.