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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

Silence (Hush, Hush Saga)

Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick As you can tell, I'm on a roll with trying to read books that have been on shelves for a while now. Since this series has been option to become a movie, I jumped on it to read it. And now I know why this book is called Silence...What I loved most about this book is great plot. Nora has lost everything...literally. Unable to remember anything, she finds herself struggling with emotions she doesn't quite understand as well as running into a certain somebody she swears she's seen before. I really loved that Nora is more determined then ever. She knows something is missing from her mind and goes out of her way to find it. She keeps searching till its found. She is loyal as ever and quickly pieces things together. The love interest is what I expected. And of course he couldn't keep away from her. Even when he said he would. Patch is doing everything he knows to keep her safe. I'm surprised at the deals he make. You can really tell that he loves Nora soo much. He sacrifice things that are dear to him just to make sure she is okay. That is love.How do you remember something that is stolen from you? You take hold of it and don't let go till your remember. Silence is great story full of everlasting love and action. The battle has been won but the war is just beginning. Silence is great!