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The White Glove War (Magnolia League, #2)

The White Glove War (Magnolia League, #2) - Katie Crouch,  Grady Hendrix Magic. Lies. And heavy burden all laid on one girl. I admit that this book took me by surprise more than what I thought. I was expecting more catty girl drama, not all THIS!What I enjoyed most about the book is the great plot. Once settled in, Alex falls into her place nicely. She is still trying to solve the mystery of what really happen to her mother as well as play her part. I admit that this girl has her acting on good. She asks right questions. Sneaks around and is doing everything she knows to find the truth. I admire her strength and her ability to go on. There are some major secrets in the end that make your mouth drop. Seriously, I was like," Holy crap, this crazy chick!"There are point of vie switches between Alex and Hayes. These switches flow nicely between each chapter as well as providing good insight on what both characters are feeling and thinking. Hayes is completely different from Alex. I like that as the reader, you can tell you are in someone else's shoes right away.The love interest didn't quite go where I expected it but still the friendship that followed is great. I like that despite what happen between them, they were they for each other. I am hoping that more will happen in their relationship as the series progresses.The White Glove War is much more explosive than the last book.The author presents a great opportunity to show another side of the Magnolia ladies. Dark and deceptive, the Magnolias are much scarier and crazier than what you think. The White Glove War is awesome!