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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

Shadowspell (Faeriewalker Series #2)

Shadowspell - Jenna Black This book is filled with major drama. Boy drama. Girl drama. Family drama. So much so that I loved it! Dana is once again trying to help everyone out. Even at the cost of her being in danger and her getting in trouble she does anything she can do to help.What I like most is the strength that Dana has. I love seeing characters who fight till the very end. She did not give up when she was trapped at the safe house, she did not give up when her father threaten her. She did what she had to do to save the ones that she loves.The love interest in the book were good. We see Dana struggling with relationships and what she should do. Dana's heart is being pulled in all kinds of directions. Dana is very mature and is a character like no other. In the end she made a willing sacrifice to save the one she loves. Even if it cost her.Ms. Black left nothing out in this book. Everything is written perfectly and smoothly. The emotions flowed through this book so good I could not stopped turning pages. I felt everything and more. I can not wait to see what the next book will reveal.