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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!


Wildefire - Karsten Knight How about, every story has it spark? That's right, I burned through this book wicked fast and I am giddy with excitement that I got to read it. I mean, wow. Really WOW!I LOVED the story line of this book. It was so out of the box and greatly written that you are swept away from the very first page. More like, you are bombarded by the feelings of anger and blood lust that you fall right into the story. Heck, I was falling hard. The story line had a great build up that brings you into a world like no other. Mr. Knight's writing ignites a fire in you to keep reading. The pacing of the story makes you turn the pages faster and BAM! Your burned.Ash is my spicy best friend I want to hug. You are my squishy and I will call you mine. She ROCKED! I mean this girl is everything I want to be. Brave, smart, and so blunt that it hurts! She is defensive of what is hers and fights for it. I love the fire that ignites in her. She is so pumped up that it makes you the reader excited! Even with all boy trouble she faced, she did what is right for herself. Another great twist of this book is the struggle with the sister. I really enjoyed this element in the story. There is nothing like a blood rival to get my heart racing. Everything the sister Eve did either made me scared or get excited that Ash was going to burst.Now, the love interest. Oh Mr. Knight, you sure know how to capture a great twist in a book. Through out the book, the reader see's Ash going through many love triangles. I felt bad for her and hoped that she find someone. And she did. I was happy that a boy that finally took notice of Ash. But, Mr. Knight wasn't going to leave this alone now was he? OH NO! He had to give it such a dynamic ending I was in DENIAL! I mean seriously? C'mon dude, how could you do that? Wildefire is one heck of a debut novel. Filled with a great drama, gods and goddess, lots of spiciness that it burns through your chest, it is a great read! Once you pick this book up, it will burn you like you never imagined!