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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!


Velveteen - Daniel Marks My humor has always been border lined inappropriate. For instance, during the movie Night Of The Twisters, there is a part where a lady gets hit in the face with trash can lid and flies back. I laughed so HARD. While most people gasp, I laugh. Even now, while I write this, I'm snickering under my breathe. Seriously, my humor sometimes is wicked. And that's why my friends, I adored Velveteen. So the best part of the book are the characters of course. Velveteen thoughts are equivalent to who I was in high school. Seriously go ask my mom. I had loud mouth that got my in trouble all the time. Being in Velvet shoes was like having a flashback in high school. Velvet isn't afraid to say what she has to say appropriate or not. She is clear in all of her motives and let's that be know. She doesn't play games but is fiercely blunt in everything. LOL. So me...Now, the plot of the book is great! I loved that the reader not only saw what is happening in Velvet's world, but also what is going on outside of it. Velvet is on a mission and will not let anything stop her. The plot pacing is sometimes slow, but as I said before Velvet's humor always seems to pick up the pace.The love interest is what I thought it would be and more. Velvet's way out of being close is always some sexual inappropriate innuendo which for me made me laugh more. Seriously, the things this chick comes up with just amazes me. Sometimes, all I could do I shake my head, snickering under my breathe. I like that Velvet found someone to be close to and find solace in. She needs that peace.Velveteen is a darkly comedic story that provides a quirky story. Crude and raunchy, Velveteen's sharp tongue keeps the reader entertain even when it's ashen with death. This raucous story will no doubt keep you on your toes and snickering under your breath. Filled with awesome punch-lines, Velveteen is great!