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Review: Say What You Will

Say What You Will - Cammie McGovern

Since being a special needs mom myself, I thought I give this book try. I wanted to see things from another perspective and this story gave me just that.

Plot: This is about a young girl named Amy who has a disability and becomes friends with boy named Matthew. This story tells of their friendship from beginning to end. The good, the bad and the ugly. I really enjoyed how detailed the plot was. There was no painting a pretty picture but really giving a story that tells the truth.

Friendship/Love: Having a disability lots of people think that there is no possible way for love. Yet this story tells otherwise. I like that their friendship goes beyond what anyone would think. I love that their friendship goes through trials and at some points fails. They are just like everyone else, trying to be free and on their own.

Disability: One aspect of the story is the disability itself. When one had a disability there are a lot of no’s. No you can’t do this. No you can’t do that. Guess What? Amy did. She proved people wrong no matter the cost. She got things done on her own and learned. Not everything went perfect with her, but I really admired her strength to do more.

Overall, this is a really story that gives me hope. It’s raw yet real. Say What You Will is great!