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Review: Mary: The Summoning

MARY: The Summoning - Hillary Monahan

As  a little girl this game was always played at many slumber parties. I remember one time someone double-dared me to do it. I did it but man on the third time I said her name, I bolted towards the door. LOL! I don’t think I have ever been so scared in my life. When I think back at it, I realized how silly it was or was it?

Plot: If you are familiar with bloody mary then you know the story. A group of girls, summoning bloody mary and getting into a world of trouble. It has plenty of action, screaming and of course heart racing fear knowing she is in every reflection.

Mary: One thing that really got me into the story was the history on Mary. I enjoyed reading the letters into the past about Mary. Something awful happened to her that made her this way. I can only hope that in the second book that there is more information of what happened to Mary. The reader gets some information to help with the story now, but I think more questions will be answered later.

Ending: The ending is left at a good place. Not solved but sort of. Things are left still quite scary and I wouldn’t mind reading more.

This is a great halloween read. It carries on some great history and action. Exploring the myth of Mary the author reboots this tale into much more.

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