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Review: Sisters Fate

Sisters' Fate - Jessica Spotswood

Well its finally here. The end! I remember when this first installment swept me off my feet. It was a story that I remember and loved so much that I had to follow it. I did. I’m sad to see this series end.

Plot: This story follows what has develop from the first book so if you have not read the books you should. The plot immediately pulls the reader in with a sense of sadness. Much has changed between the sisters even going to far as taking away a loved one. The sisters are having trouble balancing what they want to what they need. They keep fighting, keeping secrets, not to mention with the nonsense the brotherhood is spreading as well as the fever, the sisters find themselves in much trouble. While reading this story I had no problem envisioning the city, the people as well the emotions flowing through the book.

Friendship/Sisters/Love: This area gets very complicated very fast. Though much has been taken away there is much to fight for. I wanted the sisters to reunite and work together. For much of the book they were at odds with each other only thinking of themselves. The love interest was too scrambled to bits so as you can imagine my heart was beating pretty fast. As the plot continues, things began to piece together.

Ending: The ending is not what I expected. I thought the sisters would make up and be together instead I was left with,”What just happen?!” Don’t get me wrong the ending is quite good. It kept me at the edge of my seat. Although I wish it could be different, their choices are their own.

I love this ending. It fits the story just right tying up all loose ends. I’m glad that I got to read the story from start to finish. I certainly enjoyed the series and can’t way to read more by this author.

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