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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

Review: Between The Spark and The Burn

Between the Spark and the Burn - April Genevieve Tucholke

Alright since I enjoyed the first book I really wanted to keep following the story. For me the story was okay but it didn’t catch me the way the first book did.

Plot: The plot of this book pretty much was the same as the first with some slight difference. The love interest has left and the main character Violet spends her day thinking and pining away for him of course till he makes an appearance. I didn’t really like the plot cause it was what was in the first book. I was hoping to have a bit more detail but this book seems to be nothing but relationship drama.

Relationships: Because this book focuses more on Violet, the reader does get to know her more. I have to say that I’m a bit upset at this girl. She starts to questions her every emotion and even starts to like a new guy. For which she begins to say she doesn’t like him but still kisses him, thinks about him, etc. Really she was going back and forth with her emotions making me annoyed.

Ending: In the end, the reader is left with more questions and Violet still has not made up her mind. She is like in limbo and that ending is not very settling to me. I expected more action.

Overall, this book is not what I expected. It’s still a good story, but I was hoping for more growth of the plot/character development.

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Review: The Jewel

The Jewel - Amy Ewing

This is another book that I devoured in one sitting because it has such an interesting premise/storyline, I literally fell in the story.

Plot: This is about a world that takes girls when they are young and grooms them to be surrogate. They must have children for the rich and serve them. I think the idea of just doing that is not only catchy but interesting. I wanted to know what kind of lives that they lead but also what is the drama behind it all. The Jewel call it a privilege but when people are doing that to young women, there is much more to the story. And you know what, I was right. The plot moved at a good pace keeping the reader entertained with the way that the girls are raised, auction off and life in the jewel.

The Jewel: Once the author took me into the Jewel life is not what it seems. The royalty treat their surrogates horribly but well. The give them what they want (big fancy rooms, food, clothes, etc) yet if they put one foot out of line, BAM, punishment. I’m not sure if I’m wording this correctly but the vibe that I got off these royalty really felt wrong. But the jewel is as suspected filled with hypocrisy as well as drama. Much goes own within the royalty that they should have their own tv show called Real Housewives of The Jewel. These royalty do dark and dangerous things to get their way…even kill.

Ending: I think the corruption within the Jewel and the surrogates wanting their freedom, leads to a very good ending. Every chapter has a nice build up to a very dramatic ending that makes me want more. I can’t wait to read the next book and see the development of the surrogates/royalty.

A successful start in a trilogy, I look forward to read more of The Jewel. With plenty of surprise twists and great development of characters, The Jewel is favorable.

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Review: Snow Like Ashes

Snow Like Ashes - Sara Raasch

This book. This story. This beautiful adventure that sucked me into a world that I never want to leave. It’s pure genius.

Plot: Who here is a fan of Frozen (the disney movie)? *Raises hand* Well I can assure you that if you love that movie, your going to enjoy reading this story 10 times more. First off, the plot resonates with the reader cause we are introduce to this girl who is strong, brave and courageous. She pushes herself to the limit and doesn’t take no for an answer. When given a no, she pushes others of their limits just to get answers. The story also carries a deep history that makes the reader yearn for more. Bit by bit is revealed chapter by chapter and by George it is brilliant!!

Love/Friendship: This part is pretty much revealed in the beginning but doesn’t really take off due to unforeseen circumstances. But it continues to grow into this love that you just want to know more of. They had a deep seeded friendship since childhood so it plays out the perfect part of those who love friends to be more.

Ending: The mother load. This section of book had my heart RACING! Seriously. I was so shocked but what was revealed at the end, that even though I was mere pages away to the end, I did not want to finish! There was no way the book could have such an ending without many drastic measures being taken. It was insane, unreal and left me breathless.

Do yourself a favor and pre-order this book NOW! ASAP! Add it to Goodreads cause believe me you will not want to miss it.  A magical tale that is solid yet entertaining, Snow Like Ashes achieves what other books can not…a story that is not some knockoff but true to its world.  Packaged beautifully surrounded by seasons, war, and a lost queen, Snow Like Ashes is a smashing debut.

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Review: The Things You Kiss Goodbye

The Things You Kiss Goodbye - Leslie Connor

I have to admit that after starting this book and getting a good feel for it in the first few chapters, I was stunned. I didn’t want to read this because I wasn’t ready for this kind of story. Nevertheless, its a very good story. It had me caught from the first chapter. The lessons of life and love are both tragic and enduring.

Plot: This is about a girl who comes upon a relationship that takes her up and down.  Each part of her relationship is nicely detailed so that the reader can understand each part without it being rushed. As the story continues to unfold, Bettina comes upon another relationship that is much more consuming than the first. Out of all the stories I read this year, I really like this relationship. It not only felt realistic but it was overwhelming. It was one of those relationships that catches the reader from the start and you can’t look away.

Friendships/Love: After reading the story, I thought about Bettina for days. She stayed in my mind because I wondered what I would have done in her shoes. Her life is chaotic yet she experienced something wonderful in such a short period of time. I wanted more for her. I think she deserved more. Like life, its short and something she nor I will ever forget. Despite the bad things that Bettina battled, I think it changed her.

Ending: Because I was so caught up with Bettina’s ongoing relationship I did not foresee the ending. It was one of those endings that completely took me by surprise and left me in shock. I thought about this part for days. It sucks. Life sucks. And boy do I wish there was a different ending. I get the title now. At first I thought it was just some regular teen romance but no, this is more. So much more. Its real life in a compact, well written, beautiful story that once you start there is no turning back.

The Things You Kiss Goodbye is a fabulous book that is both grounded yet breathtaking. The calibration of drama with sentiments of life, makes it a satisfying story that you should read.

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Review: Random

Random - Tom Leveen

Alright, when I first received this book I was excited to read it because I love stories that showcase true, realistic characters/situations. I did enjoy the book but the ending is not what I expected.

Plot: This story is about a girl how bullied a kid online and he killed himself. In the midst of court/school/family drama, Tori receives a phone call that changes her life forever. I felt like this plot is a good plot that not only flows well but tells a really good story. So many times we see these situation in the news and it can be hard to understand yet this story places the reader where the can see it from every point of view.

Bullying: Before I go on to my last point, I want to say that what this girl did is wrong. She may have thought she was “playing around” but words hurt. I definitely do believe that she should have consequences for what she did.

Ending: This is a major spoiler alert, so please highlight is you want more detail. HIGHLIGHT BELOW:

At the end of the book, it has come out that Tori’s brother set her up. He had a friend call her, keep her up all night threatening to kill himself all to  “teach her a lesson.” This the part that really grinded my gears. I get what he is trying to do, but it is not up to him or anyone to “teach” someone a lesson. If people are going to learn from their mistakes, THEY must learn it. This part reminded me of the Saw movies. And those movies make me sick. Who in the right mind can go around “teaching people lessons” with torture. I mean really, who will learn from that!! I’m not a fan of the ending and the fact that someone thinks that they have a right to do that to someone is just…idk. I don’t like it. As I said, I get the reasoning behind it because Tori did need to understand that what she did is wrong but do to it that way..to take matters into your own hand to “teach” someone is not right. It seems more of a revenge than a lesson. Like, the only way your going to learn is to have someone do it to you. No. Just no.

(show spoiler)

Anywhoo, I’m not sure if anyone else felt that way but the ending just threw me off. Overall, the book is still quite good in the lesson it is staying. Don’t bully. Even if you think that it is a joke, words can not be taken back once said.

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Review: Poisoned Apples

Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My Pretty - Christine Heppermann

These are a bunch of poems detailed and written beautifully. They are not your typical lovey dove ones but they take fairy tales and tell them how they are. The drastic measures girls take to be skinny, to be beautiful. It also deals with bullying.

Truth: Every poems is short yet very powerful. Here I was thinking I was going to get cool retales of fairy tales but instead I got the truth about beauty. The way it eats someone from the inside out. The truth of words and how much they hurt. Each poem is told from so many different point of views that you can’t help but be consumed by them all.

In short, this is great collection of poems that hits you right in the heart. Every girl wants to be a princess but getting there is not easy. Especially with the pressures of this world, girls are dying. The pressure to be skinny, pretty, popular, etc. Poisoned Apples is impressive.

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Review: Mortal Danger

Mortal Danger - Ann Aguirre

This is a totally new story that kept me in my seat. It’s very different yet it is mind blowing.

Plot: The plot alone is amazing. It carries very different from what I read before and I’m already anxious for the next book. I don’t want to reveal too much about the plot but know that as the story goes on, the plot thickens. It’s gets better and better with each chapter and the ending….WOW!

Characters: Both characters in this book are playing a bigger part in their life. They think things can be better but not without a sacrifice. One thing I particular enjoyed about the characters was their bluntness of who they are. They know about each other pasts and see the hurt they have both endured. Yet, they grow, change and learn to love.

Ending: The ending of the book is amazing. Once the big reveal of the story is out of the bag, its on baby! The plot moves faster and more action unfolds. I’m super excited to know more of this “game.” I want to know what the bigger picture is. Edie and Kian will go through much I’m sure of it. This story is similar to The Cabin In The Woods. All characters are playing are part in something big and unknown. Literally, I’m dying to know the unknown. I can’t wait!!

If you are up for a adventure that gives the reader thrills, read this book. Smart and exciting, Mortal Danger is genuine and addicting. A vivaciously, well written amazing read, Mortal Danger is awesome.


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Review: The Art Of Lainey

The Art of Lainey - Paula Stokes

This is a super cute and fun read. I got sad but also laughed and smiled at all the emotions that were running through me.

Plot: So this girl Lainey  just lost her boyfriend and her friend gets her to use The Art Of War to win him back. In between that, she uses another guy friend to help her but with love and war, nothing ever goes as expected. I truly enjoyed this story. I think the idea of trying to win a guy back using war tactics is pretty funny. At times, it seems like Lainey knows what she is doing then it doesn’t go to plan. Love is never what we want it to be so Lainey learns and grows a lot through the story.

Love/Friendships: Throughout the story Lainey learns a lot about herself. She realizes all the things her ex-boyfriend said to her and begins to questions why she evens wants him back. She creates great friendships with other people who show her that she is worth more than that ex-boyfriend.  She also ends up falling in love and soon begins to see that love is unexpected.

Ending: YAY! I so loved the ending! I thought it was just the right touch to such a dramatic story. At first you have Lainey doing her best to win her ex back and then she just lets go…moves on. It’s so incredibly sweet.

If you are looking for a sweet romance read this book. The Art Of Lainey is an delightful read full of twist and turns to keep the reader entertained. Sweet and sensational, The Art Of Lainey is great.

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Review: Lailah

Lailah  - Nikki Kelly

This is another highly anticipated book that I have been waiting for. It did not disappoint me.


Plot: This plot is very mysterious in the beginning yet very fast paced. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adored this book. The movement of the characters lives as well as the mysterious past of Lailah its not long before things begin to heat up. Believe me when I say that this plot line will have you hooked in no time.


Lailah: I think the history behind Lailah and those around her play a big part. Her future is so set on what she is and who she is that the reader can’t help but be engrossed in solving the puzzle. There are other minor characters who also play some big roles in her life. Some are from her past that bring up some heavy emotions.


Love Triangle: I haven’t read a book that has a good love triangle. If anything, I had problems with Lailah because she kept going back and forth.  It was like one minute she was set on one guy and the next she is not. I will give her the benefit of the doubt that something always came up so she back off but really Lailah fight for who you want and stick with it. Both guys do have a lot to offer and I’m hoping that no matter who she chooses it will only make her future brighter.


Ending: The ending is amazing. The reader is left with a cliff hanger that leave you WANTING THE NEXT BOOK NOW!!


Go and read this book. If you enjoy good vs evil stories this is one that you want to add to your shelf. Lailah is a dramatic story that entices the reader till the last page!

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Review: Rites Of Passage

Rites of Passage - Joy Hensley

I have to admit that this story got me right down to the very last page. It’s very engaging with plenty for the reader to grab onto.


Plot: This is about a girl who grew up around the military. She is following her bother’s footsteps by enrolling in one of the most prestige and well known military schools. Of course being one of the few girls going to an ALL BOYS school, you can only imagine the back draft this has caught. This story is so very interesting that once I started it I could not put it down. The reader will find themselves transfixed when it comes to military standards and rules that they must follow. This is like no other YA book.


The girl how has guts: Let’s take a moment and talk about Sam. Sam is the only daughter of a military general who has standards. Hard standards. Her brothers live up to the expectations their father places on them as well as Sam. For Sam, majority of it is easy. She is a tough gal who knows the ropes. Despite her back round, Sam’s enrollment in the school causes quite a stir and other boys will make it TOUGH. I mean real tough. So tough, that they go so far as hurting her to make her leave. Sam does not wavier, she gets braver. In other words, Sam is a G.I. Jane.


Ending: Even though there was plenty of military drama, the author did pave way for a romance!! Indeed I was a very happy gal. The author did a great job giving a reader a balance of both military and love. There needs to be second book ASAP!!


WOW! This book has got to be one of the most memorable books I’ve read this year. Completely different and off the grid, Rites Of Passage is not y0ur typical YA. It is bold and brash when it comes to the military yet the characters are so vivid. Their emotions just slide right of the page to the reader. A potent blend of loyalty and trust, Rites Of Passage is a WIN!!

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Review: Endless

Endless (Embrace) - Jessica Shirvington

I don’t think a book has ever made me such a nervous wreck. I let this book purposely sit on my shelf cause I could not bear to read it. Oh, I know fully well what it would contain. It would have lots of action, spilled secrets and Lincoln. Lincoln. Lincoln.


Plot: This plot pretty much follows the lost book so if you have not read the first of series…WELL WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! HUH??!? GET TO IT MAN! TIMES-A-WASTING!

Lincoln: Is it possible to be in love with a character? He is so utterly amazing that this guy gives me butterflies in my tummy. Every time he stepped in the page I felt so much anxiety and excitement that I smiled from ear to ear. Seriously. This guy is just amazing. The sacrifices that he makes only makes me love him even more.


Ending: The ending…there are no words. I need the book. I want to read it but ahhhh! What will happen?? Too much time has past, all the hurt…I just don’t know what to do! All I know is that, its amazing.


Seriously go read this series. NOW!! Go. You won’t regret it.

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Review: The Hunt

The Hunt - Stacey Kade

It is safe to say that any book written by this author I will gobble up. This book is so intense and well written that I’m immensely excited to read the next book.


Plot: This story follows the last book so go and read The Rules if you have not already. This plot is once again amazing. I’m thrilled with the new developments of the story as well as the characters. There is plenty of drama as well as secrets to keep the reader entertained. My heart raced throughout most of the story and I most certainly did not want to put it down.


Friendship/Relationships: There are many relationships developments throughout the story. The reader learns more of  Ariane’s past as well as Zane’s. Their relationship is put to the test when trust and protective issues arise. I adore that most of the story both characters have a lot of development facing such hardships. Nevertheless, once they make their decisions they stick with their plan.


Ending: HOLY MOLY! That’s all I got to say. The ending is the icing on top to make me want more.


This is an excellent story that covers everything a reader wants. The Hunt is a reading adventure that offers moments of thrills and excitement. Seriously, just go read the book.

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Review: Panic

Panic - Lauren Oliver

When this book first landed in my hands, I thought it was some sort of drug or dream universe. I honestly did not expect it to be the ultimate dare.


Plot: This is about a small town that offers one thing: Freedom. That freedom comes with a price. The price of a bet worth thousands of dollars and only one person wins. In order to when this obscene amount of money you must complete dares. Now these aren’t just small dares. They are dangerous. The more you complete you make it to the next level. Not all make it to the next level. Some get seriously hurt and other times they die. Since it is in a small town, the cops act like they don’t know about it. But if your caught, its jail time. I have to admit that this premise alone in the first chapter suddenly took me in.


Panic: Panic derives from fear. You get dares on doing very dangerous and stupid things. Yet it is every entertaining to watch it all go down. It played like a movie in my mind, watching these competitors compete for their freedom. Some wanted they money to just be rich but others wanted it cause they needed a head start to leave the small town. So I can get their motives. Half-way through the book I felt it so connected with characters. I felt their fear but most of all their yearning to leave that small town and that panic was their only answer.


Ending: I think this story played out very well. Between the dares and the drama ensuing their everyday lives, I felt like this story has a lot to give to the reader. The relationships these characters has to trouble to that came upon them, Panic is certainly a story that plays out differently then most YA books. An equally effective story, Panic is great.


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Review: Strange and Everafter

Strange and Ever After - Susan Dennard

Well I finish the book. But not without tears. Yes, the author made me cry.


Plot: The plot follows where the last book left off so if you have not read this series go and read it. It is awesome. Eleanor is dealing with what her brother started. It gets even more dangerous and with every chapter, Eleanor loses more of what she loves. Throughout this story Eleanor, is doing her best to save everyone. With much drama occurring in-between, its hard for Eleanor to trust anyone. The plot moves at a fast pace. There is much going on so the reader doesn’t ever feel bored or lost.


Action/Places: One thing I really enjoyed in this story is Eleanor’s travels. She goes to places and of course they are always on the run from someone or something. The description of the places as well as Eleanor’s epic battles totally captures me in the book.

Ending: I don’t want to say much to ruin anything but gosh the author made me cry!! I just could not believe it. So much struggle with emotions and the loss hit me hard. I wanted to fight for Eleanor. It just wasn’t fair. But I understood. *TEARS*


Strange and Ever After gives the reader an epic ending! Flowing with much action and drama, the story carries the reader through the last pages heartbroken yet happy.


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Review: Summer Love

Summer Love - Jill Santopolo

One thing I always enjoyed reading as a kid was those choose your own adventure stories. I remember always going to my library and asking for more. Well, I found this one and could not resist picking it up.


Plot: The great thing about this book is that is can go many ways. And you choose the direction. All the paths are in summer time, so the reader gets this great summer romance. There are 13 guys who you can end up with so I’m pretty sure any reader can find their match.


Did I find my match? Of course! With the hottie lifeguard named J.R. I basically chose what I would say or do. And ended up pretty happy with the outcome. I do plan on re-reading this story and choosing other options. That is the great things about this book. You can have many more different outcome with What if? Like what If I flirted back? What if I went and the met the guy? SO many options and its a pretty quick read too.

Go read this is you are looking for a different summer read. And read it more than once! You never know what will happened!!

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Review: Embers & Ash

Embers & Ash - T.M. Goeglein

Finally the last and finally book and WOOHOO, did I ever enjoy it. I really love the buildup of this series and the way it ends…absolutely perfect.


Plot: This story picks up where the last book left off and Sara is gearing up for the final battle. She is piecing together her family history seamlessly and vastly learning everything she can. Sara is just steps away from saving herself but at times I wonder who will save her? This plot builds up nicely with so much action to fight scenes to much drama that ensnares the reader till the end.


Mafia: I really loved the history on this part. Over the course of both books Sara has leaned much about her family and their secrets. She sees the fight that lays ahead of her but she is also very determined to win. I like that in her. The fight to control, to keep going. This girl is tough yet resilient. The connections that her family has leads to ever more drama. The struggle for power between families, wealth, and most of all the “ultimate power”. I anxiously read this book waiting for the answers.


Ending: If you ask me, the last chapters in the book are DA BOMB! Sara has done everything she can to save her family, she served her dues and now its time to move on. *LIGHTBULB* Sara comes up with a  brilliant plan and WOO it made me giggle and get butterflies in my tummy. Sara, you are amazing!! The way the story ended, is like Sara kicked all those mafia guys to the curb. And they didn’t even have time to BLINK! LOL.


If your into action-packed yet history filled story read this series. The characters grow wonderfully throughout the series and every question that the reader might have is answered. The motives, the mafia and the “ultimate power” all capture the reader till the very last page. Embers & Ash is awesome.

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